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For many shooters, the acquisition of targets is done by utilizing the sights installed by the factory, typically iron sights. The next level is adding aftermarket options to aid the shooter to acquire targets faster, easier, or both depending on the application.

For hunters and longer-range rifle users, adding a scope for magnification makes it easier to identify targets at longer distances. Concealed carry pistol owners may want to add night sights that add color or glow-in-the-dark coatings that assist targeting in low-light conditions.

The latest red-dot sights can illuminate a colored laser dot in addition to iron sights. A low-power variable optic (LVPO) combines adjustable magnification with an illuminated reticle for a combination of carbine and rifle applications.

Other shooters may opt for a holographic sight that projects an illuminated reticle onto glass. All options have varying degrees of materials, ruggedness, and price points to fit all types of desires and budgets.

→Pro-Optic Mount Service is the ultimate way to make sure adding an optic to your firearm is done to specifications of the manufacturer.  Our expert professional staff have years of experience mounting optics.  You can be rest assured your firearm will shoot paper after we perform this service.  We tighten and torque to spec, balance and level, boresight, and confirm every optic that leaves the shop is optimized for performance and accuracy.  This leaves only the small fine-tuning when you get to the range.  Stop in the shop or schedule your Pro-Optic Mounting service by phone today!   

We have many options in stock for you to check out and see what works best for you. Our in-house experts can help you select, try-out, and install all that we offer. Stop in today to see the latest in optics technology and options at 2A Tactical.

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