2A Tac Air Ops

We are a team of FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots deploying cutting-edge drones for Search and Rescue, Industrial and other Commercial applications. 2A TAC Air OPS is a Division of 2A Tactical LLC.

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We are a Drone Service that provides Pet / Human and Livestock Thermal Drone Searches in the New Hampshire Seacoast and Southern Maine Region. We do this at NO COST often for local calls. Unless we have to travel more than 30 minutes or so, we do not charge at all. At present, we are providing support to a police department for a Missing Persons Case (at no cost) and we go out several times per week to assist people in locating missing dogs and other animals, such as livestock.

Pets, Livestock, Search & Rescue


Landowner/Land Reconnaissance

Construction Survey/Inspection

Homeowner Roof/ Gutter Inspection

Meet Our Fleet

Currently, we have a DJI Mavic 3T Thermal Drone which is our primary search drone. Despite the great capabilities of this drone, it is unable to fly in rain or wet snow. We would like to purchase a DJI Matrice M30T Drone, which is a true “all-weather” drone, which means that we would be able to fly in virtually all conditions. The cost of this drone, with a good number of extra batteries and several other peripherals, is just under $15,000. And this does not include the increase it will incur to our Commercial Drone Insurance.

Additionally, this will also allow us to fly two Thermal Drones at once, in conditions that the Mavic 3T can also fly. This means that we will be able to cover much more ground, and in much less time. And imagine how critical this could be if we are ever requested to assist a local police / fire with a “child lost in the woods” or hiker or similar incident. These are the types of incidents that we are letting it be known that we will be ready to respond and assist with.

Licensed, Certified and Insured for Commercial use.  

SAR Fees

Contact us for other service fees.




$1.oo per mile

Successful SAR


Post 4 hours on site

$150 per hour (rare, 4 hours can cover 500+ acres)

*Paid up front.  Non-refundable.  Up to 59 miles.

**Over 30 miles.  Rate uptick at 60 plus miles because of significant road time.

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