Dog lost 4 days in Frigid Cold SAR Found w/ help of Thermal Drone! DJI Mavic 3T FAA Part 107 Pilot

Mavic 3T, FAA Part 107 Pilot A family had their home burn to the ground. They lost one dog (to the fire) and relocated several other dogs to a family member’s home nearby. One of the dogs immediately ran off. They contacted us to assist with finding “Pollie,” a six-year-old female Newfoundland in good health. We went out a total of 3 times over 3 days and worked with an amazing team of 15-20 other volunteers to bring Pollie home. Temps at night were in the single digits and she had been spotted many times in a particular neighborhood near where she had run away. She had been leaving fresh blood trails in her paw prints everywhere she had been walking. On the third day, we were able to spot her with our Mavic 3T and work with the ground teams to ultimately see that she was recovered. Pollie was taken to a nearby Veterinarian and treated for a number of cuts and scrapes, but was otherwise in good health. She lost 20lbs over 4 days. We were honored and humbled to have worked so closely with so many other good people, many of whom had never met each other. This recovery would not have been possible if it weren’t for the entire team that came together. Our company never charges for these services. We do this because we love animals and want to see them brought home.